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French American Piano, Inc 

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We are all strong together

Donors, friends and fans of the French-American Piano Society are vital to the success of our mission. Your gift to our Society constitutes a magnificent incentive to these young artists at the start of their careers, whilst also strengthening ties between France and the United States.

Inspired by the piano keyboard’s 88 keys, our patron categories are as follows:

Keyboard Patrons ($8,800 and above)

VIP invitations to all recitals, signed CD*s and programs, behind the scenes meetings with artists, and participation in our leadership and many activities.



Full Arpeggio Patrons ($2,300 and above)

VIP invitations to all  recitals, signed CD*s and programs, behind the scenes meetings with artists.



Chromatic Scale Patrons ($1,200 and above)

VIP invitation to all recitals, signed CDs*

Scale Patrons ($600 and above)

Invitation to all recitals, signed CD*s 



Key Patrons

Invitation to 2 recitals, one signed CD*.




Students and young artists in-kind gifts and community hours

We recognize the cash value of donation of time made by students and young artists.

*when possible, as some youg artists have not released any CD to date

Updated March 12  2017

Keyboard Patrons

   Karen Beluso, Steinway and Sons

   Lena Chang, Ph.D., Cure Insurance

   Marie-Paule Nowlis, Sofitel New York

   Bernard Parisot, JCDecaux

   Marc-André Poirier, Crédit Agricole CIB

Full Arpeggio Patrons

   Véronique et Serge Banzet, Véronique Travel

   Jean-Luc Begasse de Dahem, Colas, Inc  

   Hélene Buchen

   Catherine Chardon, RATP Dev North America

   Les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France

   Laétitia Gazel-Antoine, ConnecThings Inc.

   Hélene Petitjean, MD

   The Alice Rosner Foundation


Chromatic Scale Patrons

   Patrick de Chevestre, Metrowine

   Yan Coatanlem

   Yoni Elmalem, The Inbox Group

   Alfredo Gangotena

   Michel Langlais de Langlade

   Martha Olson

   Gilles Rousseau


Scale Patrons

   Emmanuel Cargill

   Philip Erard

   Catherine and Etienne Lamairesse


Key Patrons

   Florence Brun

   Nigel Brown, Ph.D.

   Dean Peter H. Baker

   Thierry Chaunu

   John and Janet Haag

   Andrea Mayes

   Gérard Munera

 We are grateful to all our past patrons who have helped us jump-start our program  in 2012, 2013 and 2014, including AirFrance, Sotheby's, NewMat, Logfret.

We are a Non-Profit corporation incorporated in New York, NY, USA.

Our 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization was determined by IRS in April 2015. Your donations and membership are tax deductible and related certificates will be sent with your receipt.